Our mission

As technology evolves, individuals and businesses face new obstacles which require innovative approaches and technical expertise to be overcome.

STIDIA is there to provide you with all its knowledge and expertise and bring you the right solutions.

Why is IT Security important?

Imagine waking up to discover that your systems have been hacked, and your company's confidential data has been leaked on the Internet. Even worse, all the private information of your employees and customers has been disclosed and is now accessible online to anyone.

The directors of your company are found to be responsible for improper risk management practices, and the investors and customers loose all confidence in your organization.

In terms of value, the average cost of losses caused by cyber security incidents and/or repairs required, is much higher than the financial cost of preventing incidents from happening in the first place.

Security and Vulnerability Audits

As cyber crime increases in the world, reputable businesses face new threats. STIDIA has got you covered and provides you with detailed information of your IT environment and helps you to prevent breaches.

Penetration Testing

Over the years, we developped an expertise and mindsets which allow us to understand and replicate how cyber criminals would compromise your security. We find flaws in your IT architecture, software and company security before the bad guys do, and we help you prevent any damage and financial loss.


We provide consulting services related to IT risk management and processes, as well as software and physical security analysis. Afraid somebody could access your data? You don't know if the building electrical infrastructure is adequate for your new servers? Is the data properly backed up? We can answer all your questions regarding IT and security.

Software Engineering

STIDIA helps you to maintain or upgrade your current software solutions, with experts renowned in the IT industry. Your 30 years old software is outdated and causing you issues? Get in touch with us now to find which solutions are available!

Email Hosting

Our email infrastructure ensures top notch email services, and frees you of the usual email management problems. Various subscriptions are possible, from a single email account to several thousands. We offer free advice and support for our customers.

Application Hosting

STIDIA offers web and application hosting services tailored to your needs. We can provide you with military class hosting trough our partneships with various global providers

Some Statistics

Data security is hard, but crucial. Together, we can work as a team and make the IT space a better and more secure place!

Companies breached at any point during their history

30% of which experienced a breach within the past year

IoT encryption adoption

Containers encryption adoption

Big Data encryption adoption

Customers and Partners

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