Our mission

As technology evolves, individuals and businesses face new obstacles which require innovative approaches and technical expertise to be overcome.

STIDIA is there to bring you the right solutions, knowledge and expertise you need!

Why is IT Security important?

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Imagine waking up to discover that your systems have been hacked, and your company's confidential data has been leaked on the Internet. Even worse, all the private information of your employees and customers has been disclosed and is now accessible online to anyone.

The directors of your company are found to be responsible for improper risk management practices, and the investors and customers loose all confidence in your organization.

In terms of value, the average cost of losses caused by cyber security incidents and/or repairs required, is much higher than the financial cost of preventing incidents from happening in the first place.

Security and Vulnerability Audits

As cyber crime increases in the world, reputable businesses face new threats. Get detailed information on your IT environment and prevent breaches with the help of STIDIA!

Penetration Testing

Find flaws in your IT architecture and software before the bad guys do, and prevent any damage or financial loss. Our help and expertise will enable you to understand and replicate how cyber criminals could compromise your security.

IT and Security Consulting

Afraid somebody could access confidential data? Are the company daily used applications vulnerable? Is the data properly backed up? Should some of the processes be refined? Find the answers to all your questions regarding IT and security by selecting our consultancy services.

Software Engineering

Maintain or upgrade your current software solutions or outdated core components which are hard to replace, with the help of our software experts. Establish a tailored action plan by getting in touch with us now, and find which solutions are the best for you!

Email Hosting

Free yourself from all the email infrastructure maintenance and email management challenges, and save time and resources by leveraging our secure email solutions. Tailored subscriptions are possible, from a single email account to several thousands and free advice and support are included with the email services.

Application Hosting

In need of secure hosting? You don't trust the cloud? You need your website or web application to be hosted in very specific locations? Choose our hosting solutions and get a service tailored to your needs, from simple and affordable hosting to military grade hosting, accross the world!

Some Statistics

Cyber security statistics based on breaches which occured in 2020.

Average total cost of a data breach

Average time to identify and contain a breach

Share of data breaches caused by malicious attacks

Savings in average total cost of a data breach in organizations with fully deployed security automation

vs. those with no automation deployed

Data based on reports from various sources, including Thales, IBM and the Ponemon Institute