Vulnerability Audits

Detect potential vulnerabilities in your web applications before the bad guys do!

What is it?

Our vulnerability audits consist of series of non-intrusive tests tailored to your needs, which are the ideal way of finding vulnerabilities in your infrastructure or live application(s).

What we do

We test for more than 35 000 vulnerabilities by using industry leading toolsets and methodologies, and provide you with a manual analysis and confirmation of the results.

Low risk, high reward

Such an audit normally does not affect daily operations and has a minimal risk of damage to network configurations and data present, while providing your IT teams invaluable information.

Included in every pack:

  • Summary report with comments and recommendations from STIDIA's Experts
  • Scan Executive summary report
  • Scan developer detailed report
  • Manual analysis of the reports
  • Two hours of technical consulting
  • Additional services available:

  • Technical consulting at €200 per hour
  • Scan compliance report (PCI, HIPAA, OWASP Top 10, CWE/SANS Top 25, NIST, Sabarnes-Oxley, ISO 27001) - € 200 per report
  • Complete Security Audits

    We perform an in-depth and complete review of the IT and Information Security of your organization

    What is a Security Audit?

    A Security Audit consists of the extensive review of both the technical and conceptual parts of an organization’s security systems and practices.

    We provide an in-depth review of the physical attributes, such as networks, firewalls, hardware, and other equipment, and we review policies and standard operating procedures in place within your company.

    After having analyzed in depth all the important areas, our experts can recommend steps to remedy eventual problems or improve global security.

    Benefits of Security Audits

    In terms of value, the average cost of losses caused by cyber security incidents and/or repairs required, is much higher than the financial cost of preventing incidents from happening in the first place.

    It is also worth noting that key elements such as trust and reputation, might be permanently affected, and could incur a loss of opportunities and revenue, meaning a much higher cost in definitive.

    Carrying a security audit helps detect which problems exist, why there are such problems, and understand how to solve them efficiently. This saves large amounts of time and resources which can be re-used in other areas of your business

    Sensible audit of key areas

    We perform various verifications in key areas such as:

    • Access Control
    • Physical Assessement
    • Detection of weaknesses in the current policies and operating procedures
    • Controls in place
    • Vulnerability of the various systems
    • Backup Disaster Recovery

    This list is non exhaustive and can be modified to better suit your strategical or business expectations and needs.