Birth of a Protector

STIDIA has been founded in 2010 by Peter Golda.

Peter passed away on the 3th of January 2022. He will be remembered for his keen eye and his drive to provide real solutions to actual problems. This down-to-earth approach remains one of Stidia's most important business strategies.

How do we help

As technology evolves, attackers constantly find new ways to breach defenses and wreak havoc in the cyber space. About 15 years ago, you would have never heard of breaches and IT security issues, but nowadays it has become pretty common.

Rules of engagement have changed over time and data is now more valuable than ever. The attackers now leverage "defensive" tools such as encryption to remain undetected and gather as much data they can to resell it, or earn profit in other ways. A good example of a diverted use for "offensive" purpose, is the use of encryption in malware and ransomware.

Our experts are there to help you identify the risks associated with your IT and work environment, and define how and where you can improve, so you can be protected as much as possible against threats from the outside, and respond appropriately in case of crisis.

Meet The Team

Jan JansenInnovation Director / project transition

28 years of innovation in IT, IP management, domain names and DNS services with world leading companies

Lutz BernekeBusiness Development Director

24 years of business management and development in the IT and engineering sectors

Tymoteusz GoralManaging Director [Poland]

23 years as programmer and security expert, consultant for security agencies, expert witness, electronic fraud analyst, AML/CFT.

Kostiantyn ZhurbaProduct Development Director

Ex-military engineer, with 22 years of management of specialist outsourced IT teams, research and product development

Gabriel SkupienHead of Network Engineering

10+ years as a network engineer and architect. Expert in routing, switching, wireless, and network security. Cisco, FortiNet and Juniper specialist

Martin Bo├čletHead of Security Audits

15 years as IT security and cryptography expert, penetration testing and consulting. Cryptography training and software engineering related courses