Code Review and Development

STIDIA works with industry leaders, and develops custom software for actors such as aerospace companies and DNS providers. Software solutions can be built from the ground up or on top of existing solutions. We can also analyze exisiting solutions on demand and plan an overhaul or a complete replacement if desired.

Our experienced development teams are most of the time working on complex projects. As a result, they are able to perfectly translate your needs into solutions. Our R&D processes ensure we always stay on top, and enable us to perfectly meet your needs, and deliver outstanding and irreprochable deliverables in:

  • Software/Application design and development
  • Databases
  • Vendor Management Systems
  • SEO
  • Web optimization
  • Large Scale web applications

Managed Web Hosting

STIDIA hosts your web application or site in a managed way, by taking care of all the hassle related to hosting and security.

Choosing our managed hosting gives you peace of mind, saves your resources and spares you valuable time which can then be spent on more profitable tasks.

Managed Email Services

We provide email hosting tailored to your needs, from a simple mailbox to a high count of mailboxes with complex server replication routines. We can also guide your team to administer your on-premises systems, or directly manage the systems on site for you.

Infrastructure Management

As your business and therefore IT needs evolve, it can become difficult to configure, maintain and manage all the systems and your IT resources in general.

STIDIA can take care of your IT infrastructure and needs, so you can focus your core business activities.

General IT Consulting

As technology is evolving at an always increasing pace, it becomes difficult for companies to always keep up with technology and best practices. Our experts ensure your business is optimized for the technological needs of today and for the future.

STIDIA provides the advisory and on-site support you need, on a wide range of ICT matters such as networks, servers, IT management, and much more.


Have a look at our VPN software and some of the other services we offer below



STIDIA is an Acunetix Certified Partner and authorized reseller. Acunetix solutions are used by top names such as the US Army, the US Airforce, Barclays Bank, American Express, and many more.

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You have so many web applications and development cycles that you struggle to keep a broad overview and keep everything secure at all times? If so, Netsparker is the best solution for your needs!

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In need of solid backups? Get yourself covered with the world leader solution for backups, now available from STIDIA!

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STIDIA is an official Dell Gold Partner and can facilitate the procurement and installation of Dell solutions which fit your exact needs.

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VPN Shield

Major VPN software, conceived for maximum security of the data sent, using military encryption standards. This product is available on all the major platforms, and very easy to use!

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Social Network VPN

Is your access to social networks blocked? Social Network VPN enables you to get access to all sites and services.

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